Level 1 - Our Great Bodhi Grotto

Entering the main gate of the building through the adjacent road is the atrium where one will notice a huge Buddha figurine and a mural. The Buddha sculpture is well protected by a three dimensional cave. On the left of the Buddha is a painting of the Singapore skyline and on the right is a painting of the Bodhi Tree. Together they depict the characteristics of Buddhism in our modern society. 

At the end of atrium stands a tall sturdy Bodhi tree. This Bodhi tree bears a great significance to Buddhism as it is the icon of the original Bodhi tree where the Lord Buddha gained enlightenment. It is said that seeing the Bodhi tree is likened to seeing the Buddha himself.

Level 3 - Masters' Hall and dining hall

The Masters' Hall and dining hall occupy level 3. We often see the Venerable here listening intently to their devotees employing both compassion and wisdom to give guidance and suggestions. There is also a meeting room and a resting area.

Level 4 - Reception Office / Hall of Thousand Jade Buddhas

Level 4 is the reception as well as the office. Three jade Buddhas are placed in the main hall (Hall of Thousand Buddhas), Sakyamuni Buddha is in the middle with Medicine Buddha on the left and Amitabha on the right. There are also the four great Bodhisatvas, Eighteen Arhats, Four Heavenly Kings and Two Great Protectors. The hall is named the "Hall of thousand Buddhas" because there are close to a thousand jade Buddhas offered by devotees in the hall symbolizing a gathering of the strengths of devotees. 

Level 6 - Classrooms

There are several air-conditioned classrooms of different sizes on level 6. The four classrooms are named after Sagaramudra's Four Principles "Frank", "Simplicity", "Peacefulness" and "Dignity". These classrooms are where the Basic Buddhism course classes are conducted.

Level 7 - Meditation Hall

Level 7 is the meditation hall and a place for conducting meditation class and group practice. The hall is air-conditioned and has the capacity for a group of 100. 

Level 8 - Avalokiteshvara Tantric Altar

The tantric altar on level 8 places a statue of the Four-armed Avalokiteshvara symbolizing the Four Immeasurables of Love, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity. The Five Dhyani Buddhas on the ceiling symbolize the perfection of Five Wisdoms, Teaching the Dharma, Humility, Perception, Meditation and Equanimity. All accomplishing Six Bodhisatvas symbolize six Paramitas and two wrathful Protectors symbolize two manners of conveniences to the door of Buddhism to beings. As this is the highest level, the altar is often used for offering to the devas and the "lotus lamps" for eliminating misfortunes and praying for blessings is a feature of this altar.