Ullambana 7th Month Prayer Ceremony


ULLAMBANA - The Season of Filial Piety.  

The Ullambana Festival takes place on 6th & 7th August 2022 (9th & 10th day of the seventh lunar month) this year. On this day, Buddhists make offerings to their deceased loved ones as a practice of filial piety. The Dedication of Merits to the Departed Ritual will also be held to liberate beings of the three lower realms from suffering and allow them to undergo a good rebirth. 

We welcome you to participate in this Ceremony with us.

Online Booking 
Click here for online Booking to attend Ullambana 7th Month Prayer Ceremony (Level 4 & 7 - Chanting). 

Level 1 - Worship no booking required.

The Society will notify the participants in the event that we need to make alternative arrangement for the Ceremony in accordance to the Government precautionary measures.


6 & 7 Aug 2022 (Saturday / Sunday)


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Level 4 Hall of Thousand Buddhas


Refer to Poster for Details 


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