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Samadhi Water Repentance

The 'Samadhi Water Repentance' is divided into 3 parts; the repentance of unwholesome deeds…

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Ullambana 7th Month Prayer Ceremony

On this day, Buddhists make offerings to their deceased loved ones as a practice of filial piety...

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2023 Vesak Day Dharma Discourse

With the original intention of sharing the Dharma and for re-learning purpose....

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Fundamental Dharma Course

Fundamental Dharma Course is the Level-1 course of the Sagaramudra Dharma Education Course...

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The 3 Refuge & 5 Precepts

By taking refuge in the triple gems (Buddha, Buddha's Teaching, Buddhist Community)...

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The Eight Precept Retreat

Why did the Buddha give a discourse on precept taking to his lay disciples?....

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