Children & Teenage Dharma Course


Sagaramudra Buddhist Society seeks to propagate the Dharma for the young through offering the Children and Teenage Dharma Course since 2001. Children are more receptive and open at this age. By inculcating a right view of Buddhism, they can learn about basic Buddhist knowledge and practices and cultivate Buddhist virtues of gratitude, compassion and forbearance. With a team of dedicated volunteer teachers, they learn and grow from positive Buddhist mentors and inspiring Buddhist environment.

We incorporate many elements of fun into lessons such as Buddhist ettiques, Buddhist practices, meditation etc. The students will also have opportunities to participate in activities like community service, outings and camps. This is to make their Sunday a meaningful and enriching one. Currently, our program cater to students from Primary 1 to Secondary 4 levels. Classes take place on Level 6 of Sagaramudra Buddhist Society on Sundays.


Start Date:

5 February 2023 (Sunday)

Closed Date:

31 January 2023


Primary 1 to Secondary 4 student


10 am – 12 noon


Sagaramudra Buddhist Society  




Please visit Level 4 Admin Office or click here for Application Form


Tel : 67467582 |