Fundamental Dharma Course (Mandarin)

Fundamental Dharma Course is the Level-1 course of the Sagaramudra Dharma Education CourseThis is a 2 years’ course program comprising of 4 modules (12 lessons per module):

Module 1
: Understanding the Fundamentals; Buddhist Thoughts & Practices

Module 2
: Meditation Imparts Strength

Module 3
: Shravaka Practice: The method to end suffering

Module 4
: Bodhisattva Path: Towards Ultimate Bliss

The student can have a comprehensive overview of Buddhism and fundamental Meditation.  Each module is complemented with Chan meditation practices, social and community activities to achieve a wholesome education which can be applied to our daily living. 

2024 Term 1 Fundamental Dharma Course Module 1 is now open for registration. The course will be taught by Ven. Fa Yuan in Mandarin. We welcome you to register for the course now. 

For course conducted in English, please visit English Fundamental Dharma Course.


Ven. Fa Yuan


Module 1 (12 lessons) 


5th March 2024 (Tuesday)


7.15 pm – 9.15 pm


Level 6 Classroom    


$10 (Member); $30 (Non-Member)


Please visit Level 4 Admin Office or click here for Application Form 


Tel : 67467582 |WhatsApp : 91732249 |